My Super Awesome Mexican Wedding! Part 1


Look at those gorgeous over-the-water bungalows! El Dorado Maroma is the first resort in MEXICO to build these! These were one of my many wonderful surprises that added to our stay at Maroma.

Before I continue, I need to credit my photographer, who makes this post worth sharing.  If you like any of his work, check him out on his Facebook Page! Or, pin this stuff like crazy! 🙂

Part I: El Dorado Maroma

I’m going to give LOTS of details about the resort itself, because hopefully you will also become a Maroma bride. For an inside look at the wedding day itself, look for my next post, Part II.

When I was trying to plan my wedding, I WISH I had a bride’s first-hand story because I didn’t fly out to see the resort beforehand.  I posted a review on Trip Advisor after I got back, and I had two brides email me personally with questions.  I welcome any bride to email me because I truly think every woman should have a perfect day like I had.


Tip 1: Fly first class, and fly with your friends. At least your best ones.


We flew with my maid of honor and her husband-to-be, which made our long travels a little less boring!


Tip 2: Bring tip money!
Tip 3: And book that shuttle ahead of time.
Tip 4: Oh! And any room you get will be amazing, so don’t stress.

As soon as you exit the airport, you will (hopefully) need to figure out where your resort’s shuttle is.  Don’t get conned into taking a taxi straight from the airport! You’ll need to tip a few dollars to your shuttle driver (as well as folks from the resort you feel are deserving).  El Dorado Maroma was about 45 minutes from the airport with the other passengers we had to drop off.  Lomas Travel picked us up. When we arrived, we were greeted with champagne glasses and smiling faces.  Welcome to paradise.

We loved our Junior jacuzzi suite! We had so much privacy on our own pool-balcony and enjoyed lounging there while the sun was directly overhead.

Tip 5: Get a list of resort activities ahead of time for your guests.

There are lots of resort activities which are free, including kayaking, pool volleyball, and dance lessons.  I picked a handful of choices and made them as “meeting spots” for my guests since we were all arriving at different times.  If they didn’t want to join, no pressure! But at least this way there are lots of opportunities to socialize and spend time together doing new and fun activities.

mexico itinerary

(Seriously, I typed this up on Microsoft Word.  I am obsessed with calligraphy fonts so I modeled it after some cute ones I saw on Etsy).

If you’re with friends and family, you’ll want to chill by the swim up bars.  There are tons of activities you’ll love if you’re open to being silly! Get rid of that shyness or worrying about what everyone thinks.  You’re in MEXICO.  Everyone is there to have a good time with you.  Go out on a limb and try a dance lesson or water aerobics! Nothing is done half way.

Tip 6: Find Alex.

He deserves a true shout out.  This guy makes your entertainment his business.  Whether he’s leading the group in kayaking over the local reefs, or making you giggle as he guides you through your first salsa lesson, or pumping you up with shots DURING water aerobics, he knows how to keep your group happy.

IMG_2277 (2)


Tip 7: Get there a few days prior to the wedding so you can enjoy everyone fully.

Even with a “small” party of 21, it was really tough to fit us all into a restaurant together, so it worked better to do things in small groups.  El Dorado Maroma has a membership program, so to be fair to all members (as well as regular guests), they will not close down an entire restaurant for a large party unless they absolutely have to.  Think about it– when places are jammed packed with one huge party, it was wreck the experience for other guests.  Your quality service is only as good as you make it, so don’t expect quick food delivery if you have more than 15 people in your party! Instead, spend time together doing activities during the day, and go your separate ways for dinner.


Whether you’re thinking of becoming a Maroma bride or you simply want a peek inside the El Dorado Maroma Resort, I hope this information was helpful! I certainly don’t work for the resort and I don’t have all the answers, but I am happy to steer you in the right direction on your journey.


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