Thinking about a Destination Wedding?

So you’re thinking about a destination wedding? There’s lots of information about destination weddings out there, but when I began my search, I relied heavily on Pinterest to make my decisions.  It was so tough to weed through destination wedding blogs versus destination wedding ADS.  They’re everywhere! I couldn’t tell if each resort would be what I wanted or if they were just trying to make a sale.  After months of searching, I chose El Dorado Maroma in Riviera Maya, Mexico. If you want to know why click here to read my thoughts.

Choosing a Destination

Think about weather– it’s the most important thing to consider! Even in hot, sunny locales, remember that tropical spots have rainy seasons.  Spend A LOT of time figuring out where and when you want to travel.  Don’t rely on photos– surf Trip Advisor for comments other have made about the location you’re considering.  Look at the TIME OF YEAR! Consider spring breaks, mid-winter break, holidays, major sporting events, and heavy tourism seasons.  It makes a huge difference in your stay, wherever it may be.  Lots of guests staying in the area impact all of your excursions AND the quality of customer service you receive.

We chose Mexico because we wanted a Spanish-speaking country (for me) and for the Caribbean ocean.  I mean, you can’t beat that kind of beauty. 

We chose Riviera Maya because of its closeness to ruins and historic sites.  We were looking for a less crowded place than Cabo and Cancun.  One of the highest-rated areas to travel in Mexico is Playa Del Carmen, which is in Riviera Maya.

We traveled in April because I’m a teacher! I am locked in to specific breaks, so my timing was very specific.  We traveled over spring break, but don’t be fooled! It’s Cabo and Cancun that are college hot spots, not Riviera Maya.  This travel time then contributed to our resort decision.  We didn’t want to risk having a wild spring break crowd, so we close a small, intimate adults-only resort.

Looking for a more specific look at a destination wedding day? Pop over to My Super Awesome Mexican Wedding!


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