How to Bachelorette and End by 9

El que se levanta temprano, Dios lo ayuda, my mom used to drill into me. “God helps those who rise early.”  Needless to say, I have always been an early riser who forever struggles at staying up past 10.  In college, I dreaded the call to “RALLY” before we went out.  I’m 27 now and I still haven’t changed much, so for the my bachelorette, I decided to have a “wild” day party.  If you’re like me, here are some fun ideas to party all day long, and shake your guests by bedtime.

First of all, this was a double bachelorette.  If you’ve seen my previous posts, you will notice that my bestie and I have the Bride Wars situation going on, only without the Wars.  We have the same friends, so we hosted a double bachey in Woodinville, our local wine country.

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We started the day on our private shuttle.  We didn’t want to splurge on this kind of transport, but there really was no other way to have 10-15 ladies safely travel around wine country.  We also hired photographer Brooke Drumm to party with us.  Again, it may be a bit extravagant to have a photographer following you around, but this is a great chance to get some hot pics of your girls out on the town! Much better than taking pictures the entire time and missing out on the actual experience of being out.

Stop One: Tour of Chateau St. Michelle.  This formal tour “taught” us a little about local wines and how to enjoy them properly.  A little pretentious maybe, but it certainly gave us a base of wine knowledge and leveled the guest playing field.

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Stop Two: Page Cellars, industrial park. It was extremely difficult to find places who wanted to host a party this large.  Most tasting rooms are only open for 5 hours and don’t want to miss out on all the Saturday business (despite it being January).  Brett and his fabulous crew at Page Cellars cleared a big space for us as we enjoyed a full tasting, a bottle or two, and some games!

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Game 1: 3 Second Rule.  I mean, it’s recommended by Ellen.  We drew names out of a hat and split into two bridal teams– Team Johnson vs. Team Woodruff.  Everyone on the team had two turns since it’s so quick.  The final team with the most points won the challenge.  At the END OF THE DAY, the bride whose team with the most challenges won got a Victoria’s Secret gift card (since Heather and I were hosting for each other, we each put money on the card for the final prize).  This way, we didn’t have to dish out a prize for EACH winner but had the teams competing to win us a prize.

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Game 2: Swing Your Ding-a-Ling. Holy moly this was hilarious. Basically, you tie a panty hose around your waist, and inside one of the feet is a large tennis ball.  You have to pelvic thurst at a smaller tennis ball and get it to cross the finish line.  IT IS HARD.  We did this relay style, so everyone on each team got a turn.  It was SO MUCH FUN.View More:

Team Woodruff lost this relay.

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Team Johnson emerges victorious!

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Stop 3: Needle in the Eye cellars– makers of the 12th man wine! Heather, the blond bride, is a DIE HARD Seahawks fan, so we were SO grateful that this tasting room was willing to take us! They were so sweet and kind to us!  Great space and awesome service.

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Game 3: Suck & Blow.  This game is sweet and simple.  Pick up marshmallows with a straw by sucking the air through! The lady with the most marshmallows in their cup/bowl wins.  We did teams again, so the two winners on each team had to face off.

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At this point, we were seated at nice tables and we had purchased some turkey wraps from Costco to help us stay sober-ish.  Although the winery did not provide food, they were very gracious and accommodating to our food needs.  We also brought Wheat Thins and bananas along to stay fresh!

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Final Stop: Locust Cidery for our friends who are not wine drinkers!  They had so many yummy ciders to try! Our tasting was awesome.


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Game 4: Seran Wrap Prize Ball. This was, by far, the hit of the day.  It’s exactly as it sounds.  The objective is to unwrap the ball as quickly as you can before the person next to you rolls doubles (with dice).  When they do, they grab the ball quick before the next girl rolls doubles, and so on. While unwrapping, gifts can fall out of the ball.  We filled our ball with anything and everything– chocolates, make up products (from our ipsy subscriptions), dollar bills, change, tampons, panty liners, pain killers…really anything.

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Time to ride back to the hosting apartment! Although the drinking was over(ish…), we were having our lingerie party back home!

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We didn’t take too many pictures of the actual lingerie party, but we took lots of our fabulous black and gold decorations for the event.View More:

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