How to Have a Besti-versary

If there is anything I have learned in my 27 years of life, it’s to celebrate the true friends you have.  When you find someone who is willing to put up with your nonsense, with your taste in partners, and with your troubles, put them on a pedestal, because you never know how long you will have them in your life.  It becomes more difficult to maintain relationships the older you get…so put all your love into the few you hold close.

My BFF & I have celebrated our “friend-iversary” for many years.  We highly recommend it.  While we have wonderful men in our lives who celebrate regular anniversaries with us, there’s nothing wrong with setting aside a day to honor the special bond you and your bestie share! Here are some great ways to celebrate:

  1. Do a photoshoot.  We researched for local up-and-coming photographers in the area before our anniversary in order to find someone who was budget friendly and talented!  We had the BEST time shooting photos on our college campus.


Photos by Sarah Alston Photography

2. Spend the day enjoying the city…and document it! Ok…are you sensing a trend here? If you’re like us, you love taking photos all day, everyday! Call us narcissistic…we don’t care.  We’re big scrapbookers and these fun photos made for an adorable “Tour Around the City” coffee table book!



3. Celebrate how awesomely different you guys are! Let one girl choose a “her” activity, and the other choose their favorite.  It’s like they say…opposites attract! Try pairing together two activities that you’ll both enjoy, but might challenge the other.  Batting cages & a play? Farmers’ marker & a sports’ bar? Football game & a fine tasting room?


4. Have fun with some chalk (and again, a camera)! We took advantage of my university’s campus and went wild! You could do something similar to this with a tripod and a nice camera (on a standing wall, not the ground like us).  For these angled shots, I recommend a third party who is not afraid to stand and jump on a park bench.  Still, taking the shots is part of the fun.  (I don’t think we could have got these without the help of our photographer, but if you come prepared with a small portable ladder, you could maybe achieve something close).



5. Host a theme party. For our 10th anniversary, we threw a Mustache Bash for our friends.  They signed a frame for us, we played tons of games, and most of all, we had the chance to not only celebrate our friendship, but the friendships we have with all the other wonderful people in our lives.




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